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How to calculate the mesh number of the screen

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How to calculate the mesh number of the screen? The mesh number is a commonly used parameter of the screen, in the industry generally refers to the number of meshes in the length of 1 inch / 25.4mm, and also the number of wires.

This parameter was originally called by the wire mesh manufacturer, and the unit of length was in inches.

F or the screening industry, not only the mesh size of the screen must be considered, but also the particle size of the sieved powder material, and the wire diameter and aperture of the screen must be considered.


How to calculate the number of meshes: 25.4/(wire diameter + aperture) = number of meshes

The mesh number of the screen refers to the length of one inch (25.4mm), and the total number of holes arranged is the number of meshes. It is not 25.4 square millimeters, but a column of this length. For example, in a Tian shape, the total length of the two leftmost holes is 25.4, so there are two meshes instead of four meshes.

The so-called mesh number refers to the particle size or thickness of the material. The general definition refers to the number of meshes in an area of 1 inch * 1 inch, that is, the number of meshes of the screen. The material can pass through the mesh is defined as How many meshes: For example, 200 meshes, that is, the material can pass through a screen with 200 meshes in 1 inch * 1 inch. By analogy, the larger the mesh number, the finer the material particle size, and the smaller the mesh number, the larger the material particle size.

Mesh size: 2.00mm ――standard mesh : 10 mesh

Mesh size: 1.70mm ――standard mesh : 12 mesh

Mesh size: 1.40mm ――standard mesh : 14 mesh

Mesh size: 1.18mm ――standard mesh : 16 mesh

Mesh size: 1.00mm ――standard mesh: 18 mesh

Mesh size: 0.850mm-standard mesh: 20 mesh

Mesh size: 0.710mm-standard mesh: 25 mesh

Mesh size: 0.600mm-standard mesh: 30 mesh

Mesh size: 0.500mm-standard mesh: 35 mesh

Mesh size: 0.425mm-standard mesh: 40 mesh

Mesh size: 0.355mm-standard mesh: 45 mesh

Mesh size: 0.300mm-standard mesh: 50 mesh

Mesh size: 0.250mm-standard mesh: 60 mesh

Mesh size: 0.212mm-standard mesh: 70 mesh

Mesh size: 0.180mm-standard mesh: 80 mesh

Mesh size: 0.150mm-standard mesh: 100 mesh

Mesh size: 0.125mm-standard mesh: 120 mesh

and so on.

Screen features: acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong strength, strong tensile strength, strong wear resistance, durability, high temperature oxidation resistance, 304 screen tolerance temperature 800 degrees Celsius, 310S screen tolerance temperature up to 1150 degrees; normal temperature treatment , That is, simple plastic treatment, diversifying the possibility of screening network; high smoothness, no surface treatment, simple protection.

Screen mesh use: Screen mesh is widely used in screening, filtering and protective decoration, suitable for mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing, architectural decoration, electronics, aerospace and other industries.