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What is the knowledge of screen mesh number and particle size

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What is the knowledge of screen mesh number and particle size?

The shale shaker screen is one of the accessories of vibrating screen, desander, and desilter, and it is also a consumable item. Therefore, in use, you need to fully understand the screen. Today we will talk about the mesh size and particle size of the screen.

Mesh refers to the number of holes on the screen per square inch, 50 mesh means 50 perforations per square inch, 500 mesh means 500, the higher the mesh number, the more perforations. In addition to indicating the perforations of the screen, it is also used to indicate the particle size of the particles that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh, the smaller the particle size.

For example, 30 mesh means there are 30 grids in 1 inch. One-thirtieth of 1inch is the width of the network cable plus the width of the space. The ratio of the width of the network cable to the width of the space is slightly different from different manufacturers. The standard is 2:3, that is, the space only occupies 3/5 of the width. So 30 mesh is equivalent to 25.4/30*3/5=0.508mm. The 6.25 micron mesh on the question can be calculated as follows: 25.4*1000/(6.25/3*5)=2448 mesh.

The particle size of the powder is called the particle size. Due to the complexity of the particle shape, there are usually several expression methods such as sieving particle size, sedimentation particle size, equivalent volume particle size, and equivalent surface area particle size. At present, there is no unified powder particle size technical standard at home and abroad, and each enterprise has its own definition and expression method of particle size index. There are different standards for screen specifications in different and different industries, so it is difficult to unify the meaning of "mesh".

The sieving particle size is the size of the sieve openings through which the particles can pass through the sieve, expressed as the number of sieve openings in a 1 inch (25.4mm) wide sieve, so it is called the "mesh number".

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