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Temporary road mat (steel-wood foundation)

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Temporary road mat is a portable structural support platform, often used in large equipment such as oil rigs. It is usually composed of wood, steel or rubber, which enables workers to perform operations under various conditions while protecting the earth.

1. Usually steel-wood foundation is used for oil drilling as a rig pad (rig mat). They can also be used in other industrial applications.

2. The steel-wood foundation can also provide a safe and stable working ground for mining operations in wetlands or ice fields.

3. Steel and wood foundations can also be used to underlay a solid foundation on which the contractor or other staff must store equipment or materials.

4. In remote areas, steel-wood foundations can also be used as temporary roads, paving roads for vehicles crossing dangerous terrain, and even as helicopter landing sites.

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Advantages of steel-wood foundation(rig mat)

The product has high strength, strong bearing capacity, good interchangeability, convenient transportation, low cost, convenient and quick installation, strong shock absorption, no dry cracking, no fear of water, corrosion resistance, no deformation, long service life, easy recovery and storage, etc.

The steel-wood foundation replaces the traditional concrete foundation, which greatly reduces drilling costs, improves economic efficiency, saves land, and improves on-site management.