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What is the spray system of the drilling pump?

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The spray system consists of a spray pump, a cooling water tank and a spray pipe. Its function is to cool and flush the cylinder liner and piston as necessary to improve the service life of the cylinder liner piston.

The spray pump is a centrifugal pump. There are two driving methods. One is to install a belt pulley on the input shaft. The speed depends on the size of the stroke. The flow rate of the spray pump may not meet the requirements for use at low strokes. . One is to be driven by a motor alone, and its speed is not affected by low stroke times. At present, electric sprinkler pumps have been used in more applications.

Spray Pump

There are two ways to install the spray pipe. One is to install it on the clamp connecting the intermediate rod and the piston rod. It can reciprocate with the piston. The nozzle is close to the end of the piston, so that the lubricating coolant can always flush the contact between the piston and the cylinder liner. Surface, this method is called follow-type spray pipe. One is to fix the spray pipe on the frame, and the nozzle extends into the cylinder liner. This method is called a fixed spray pipe.