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What are the requirements for general solids control systems in oil drilling work

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In order to meet the needs of drilling technology measures and drilling construction quality, the solids control system during complex drilling construction operations is optimized. Solve the problems existing in the drilling solids control system. The high-quality drilling fluid solids control system improves the performance of the solids control equipment, reduces the solid content in the drilling fluid, improves the quality of cementing construction, and ensures that the drilling construction reaches the designed quality standard.

For oil drilling operations, vertical wells are the simplest drilling task. However, directional wells and horizontal wells are difficult to drill and are complex drilling operations. For horizontal well drilling operations, it is necessary to drill vertical well sections, deviated well sections, stable deviated well sections, and horizontal well sections. Each well section needs to be matched in order to form a reasonable well trajectory and achieve the quality of horizontal well drilling operations.

If the design of the circulation tank is unreasonable, the shape of the circulation tank will have an adverse effect on the drilling fluid mixing system. Unreasonable selection of the path of the connecting pipeline of the tank causes too many elbows, produces throttling, affects the normal circulation of the drilling fluid, and increases the resistance to the flow of the drilling fluid. The configuration of the drilling fluid solids control equipment is unscientific. The power of the solids control equipment is not matched with the power of the motor, resulting in excessive power consumption and low operating efficiency of the equipment, which brings harm to the solids control of the drilling fluid. Some solid control equipment is aging, the equipment is not updated in time, and the innovation and transformation of the equipment is not enough, resulting in low equipment operation efficiency and increasing the difficulty of solid phase control of the drilling fluid.

Optimization and improvement of drilling fluid solids control system

Research and apply the integrated drilling fluid sand removal and silt removal machine. In the process of purifying drilling fluid, it also removes the influence of mud and sand impurities and reduces the content of solid particles to meet the requirements of complex drilling construction. The integrated drilling fluid desander and desander combines thefunctions of desander, desander and vibrating screen to reduce the number of processing equipment, improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, and achieve the best removal effect. The design and structure of the all-in-one machine is simple, easy to maintain, and the vibrating screen with strong vibration performance is used to achieve better cleaning results.

Implement solids control management for high-density drilling fluids in deep wells, reduce the content of solid particles in the drilling fluids, and meet the needs of deep well drilling operations. Ensure the circulation of drilling fluid, carry more drilling cuttings to the ground, effectively prevent the occurrence of stuck drilling accidents, and ensure the safety of deep well drilling construction. Through the redesign and research of the solids control process, the drilling fluid solids control system was modified to achieve higher technical requirements. Aiming at the characteristics of complex drilling construction, the drilling fluid solids control equipment is streamlined, the technological process is simplified, the difficulty of equipment management is reduced, the efficiency of equipment operation is improved, and the application of the integrated machine improves the efficiency of solids control. Reduce energy consumption such as electric energy, and meet the energy-saving requirements in the drilling construction process. Through the application of the drilling fluid solids control system, the performance of the drilling fluid is improved, and more high-quality complex structure wells are drilled to meet the needs of oil and gas field production.

Xi'an HL HGK series solids control system is mainly composed of a five-stage purification device of a mud vibrating screen, a vacuum deaerator, a mud cleaner and a centrifuge, as well as a mud tank, a cooling water tank, and a supply tank. Equipped with overhead pipeline (from wellhead to mud shaker), mud pump suction pipeline, weight pump suction and discharge pipeline, clean water pipeline, medium pressure mud gun pipeline, tank bottom connecting pipeline, etc. exchange.

This set of solids control system can ensure the smooth progress of mud purification, circulation, preparation, weighting and storage. It also has the solid phase control capability of the mud purification system and can meet the requirements of 1000 to 9000 m drilling technology.