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What are the reasons for the leakage of the filler of the mud pump accessories

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What are the reasons for the leakage of mud pump accessories packing? Deterioration of mud pump accessories packing is one of the main reasons for excessive water leakage and short service life of the pump packing. In addition, the reasons for this failure include loss of elasticity and poor packing quality.

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Among the many fillers, asbestos filler is currently a relatively widely used filler. After it dries up and hardens, it will form a lumpy phenomenon. The mud pump accessories will make the contact area between the pump shaft and the pump shaft larger. The decrease of the pressure and the increase of wear and tear, the following is a specific introduction to the reasons for the leakage of the water pump packing.

1. Asbestos fillers are widely used in many fillers. It will form lumps when it dries and hardens. This can increase the contact area between the mud pump and the pump shaft.

2. The replacement time is too long, the packing is aging, the packaging quality is poor, the structure is loose, and it is easy to wear. At this time, the packaging needs to be replaced.

3. During the operation of the pump, if the packing gland is too tight, the packing will fill the pump shaft, making the water in the water seal ring unable to pass smoothly, causing the packing to overheat and harden to fail.

4. The inner ring of the mud pump water seal ring is too small, the number of small holes on the ring is insufficient or blocked, the installation position of the water seal ring is incorrect, the water seal pipe is blocked; the gap between the packing gland and the pump shaft is too small, it is also a mud pump The cause of water leakage in the packing.

Packing is an important part of the mud pump accessories. Whether it can operate normally has a great relationship with the packing. Therefore, in the process of daily use, it must be checked frequently.