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What are the advantages of HL horizontal centrifugal pump

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Compared with ordinary pumps, Xi'an HL horizontal sand pump (also known as drilling fluid centrifugal pump) is heavy and durable. Because of its special strength, the wall thickness is thicker than ordinary pumps, and the life is longer. Relatively long. The pump is of centrifugal design, and the axial clearance between the impeller and the pump body is the same. The pump can pump streamlined liquids and even cut off the flow. The pump body has an annular flow passage, which can eliminate eddy current and cavitation, and can also reduce the radial load of the bearing. Since the inlet pipe diameter of the pump is reasonable, the suction pressure must be low. The seal of the pump body adopts a groove structure to prevent the liquid flow from leaving the impeller.

drilling fluid centrifugal pump

The sand pump impeller is open, which can eliminate the backflow phenomenon in the closed impeller. The design of this impeller can reduce eddy currents, reduce radial and axial loads (pressure), and make the liquid flow smoothly. Because there is no need for high-pressure flushing of general pumps, the wear of the pump body is relatively small. The design of the impeller allows the liquid flow from the impeller to be mixed with the return liquid to reduce pump wear. The open impeller has a non-exposed impeller nut or shaft thread. After the impeller is installed, the protection of the thread is realized by a "O" ring. Compared with ordinary pumps, the design of the pump and impeller greatly improves the service life.

The sand pump shaft has a large diameter, and when it bears heavy loads, the curvature can be reduced to a minimum, thereby correspondingly extending the life of the packing. When the wear is caused by the packing, only the shaft sleeve needs to be replaced, not the entire shaft. The replacement of the shaft sleeve and mechanical seal does not require the shaft to be removed from the pump.

The centrifugal pump bearing is easy to maintain. The outer bearing assembly is composed of two centripetal thrust bearings with high load rotation; the inner bearing is a heavy-duty double row ball bearing, which can withstand higher radial loads to compensate for use Large impeller and heavy load conditions. Only the best bearings are allowed for this pump.

The stuffing box gland combines the functions of the seal and the stuffing box into a replaceable whole, and a bolt is installed on the middle opening surface corresponding to the stuffing box. The stuffing box can be sealed with packing or mechanical seal. The split (open) design makes it easier to contact the shaft sleeve. This mechanical seal is made of high-quality materials and optimized design, so it has good working performance.

The mechanical seal of the sand pump has more than 10 driving plates, and its thickness is 25-50% thicker than other mechanical seals on the market, so the stress on the outer seat of the mechanical seal is reduced accordingly. All the metal parts of the machine seal are made of 316 stainless steel, the elastic material is made of fluorinated rubber, and the sealing end faces of the moving and static rings are made of tungsten carbide.

The flow components of the sand pump include a stuffing box, an impeller and a pump body. They are all made of high-quality ductile iron with excellent performance. After these parts are processed and inspected, they need to be quenched and heat treated to reach a certain hardness (HRC40~44), which not only enables the pump to adapt to harsh environments, but also greatly improves the working life of the pump.

Xi'an HL produces various centrifugal pumps for oil fields, including Mission pumps and XBSY's SB series sand pumps, and can also be customized according to customer needs, welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com if you have purchase request of oilfield centrifugal pump.