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Sb8×6 oilfield centrifugal sand pump Chinese manufacturer

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Sb8×6 oilfield centrifugal sand pump Chinese manufacturer. If you want to buy sand pumps, you can choose Xi'an HL Petroleum. We specialize in producing SB series sand pumps with complete models, reasonable prices and good service. The editor of HL will introduce the characteristics of our centrifugal sand pump.

Features of SB series centrifugal sand pump

1. The parameter design fully considers the supporting equipment to work under the best working conditions;

2. The axial suction structure is adopted, which is convenient for users to install and use;

3. There are forward and reverse pumps. The appearance and installation dimensions of the reverse pump are identical to those of the forward pump except for the position of the discharge outlet. From the suction side, the discharge pipe of the forward pump is on the left, and the discharge pipe of the reverse pump is on the right.

oilfield centrifugal sand pump

4. The flow parts are made of anti-wear alloy cast iron. Long working life under abrasive media, safe and reliable;

5. The pump body seal is a mechanical seal + auxiliary seal structure. The dynamic and static rings of the mechanical seal are made of high wear-resistant hard alloy, and the auxiliary seal is made of wear-resistant, high-strength aramid braided packing. The sealing effect is very safe and reliable, and it is easy to maintain and replace, and has a long service life;

6. The parts of the same base have high versatility and interchangeability, which is convenient for the replacement of wearing parts.

7. The bearings are lubricated by thin oil, and a constant oil cup is installed on the bracket to keep the oil level consistent at all times, thus ensuring the reliable operation of the pump.

8. The size of import and export flanges can be met by metric and imperial (or American) standards according to the requirements of domestic and foreign users;

9. The whole machine has high operating efficiency, low maintenance and repair costs, and low operating costs.

SB series sand pumps are used to supply liquid to desander, desilter, slurry mixer and other equipment in the drilling fluid circulation system. It can also be used in mining, water conservancy, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, military industry and other industries for conveying slurry and sewage.

Sb8×6 oilfield centrifugal sand pump Chinese manufacturer, Xi'an HL petroleum equipment, welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com.