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What are the operating specifications of the centrifugal pump?

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SB sand pump is the main supporting pump for drilling fluid circulation in the solids control system of oil drilling rigs. It is also the best supporting pump for desander, desilter, and mixing funnel. Therefore, sand pumps are very important solids control equipment. Therefore, in the construction process, we must use the sand pump correctly. If the sand pump often has problems that will affect our work, what are the operating specifications of the centrifugal pump? Today, the editor of HL will give you a brief introduction.

Centrifugal Pump

Operation specification of centrifugal pump:

1. Do not install a pipeline thinner than the suction port of the sand pump, as that will cause the loss of the net suction head;

2. Do not close or adjust the suction valve during the working process of the sand pump;

3. Inject liquid into the sand pump and discharge the air in the pump cavity before starting to prevent seal loss and air lock phenomenon;

4. The discharge port of the centrifugal pump should always be higher than the suction port of the centrifugal pump to prevent the gas from being sealed in the pump cavity;

5. Ensure that the conveyed fluid does not contain air;

6. Ensure that the suction and discharge pipes are always upward to avoid the pipeline rising and then falling, which will block the pipeline with air. If this cannot be avoided, a device that can exhaust air should be installed in the pipeline;

7. Ensure that the engine of the centrifugal pump rotates in the correct direction;

8. Oil-lubricated centrifugal pumps must work on a horizontal surface;

9. Ensure that the centrifugal pump and the engine are connected and aligned after the installation of all piping systems is completed;

10. Choose the size of the sand pump so that the pressure head it produces can meet the needs of the system, or provide a method of throttling in the pipeline. Must choose the right one;

What are the operating specifications of centrifugal pumps? The 10 above are some of the daily operating specifications of sand pumps. If you want to know more about the sand pump, welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com