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What is the function of the shear mixing device?

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What is the function of the shear mixing device?

The main purpose of the shear mixing device is to prepare or increase the total volume of drilling fluid and modify its properties, such as density, viscosity, and fluid loss, in the petroleum drilling solid control system. This device introduces drilling fluid materials (such as bentonite, barite powder, etc.) and corresponding chemical additives (e.g. polymers) into the circulation tank. Directly adding these materials and additives would cause them to precipitate or agglomerate extensively, preventing the attainment of a dispersed and uniform drilling fluid.

shear mixing device

The HHQ series shear mixing device is a equipment used in conjunction with the petroleum drilling solid control system. It is capable of weighting and formulating drilling fluid for drilling depths ranging from 1500 meters to 6000 meters. The mixing device consists of a 37-kilowatt sand pump and a jet-type mixing funnel, both connected and installed on a base through pipe manifold valves. This mixing device offers reliable and safe performance, and it is also highly convenient for transportation.

The shear mixing device plays a crucial role in petroleum drilling as it ensures the uniform mixing of drilling fluid materials and chemical additives, meeting the requirements of the drilling solid control system and ensuring smooth drilling operations.