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Automatic Dosing System

HJY series automatic dosing system advantages:
  • Small footprint, saving space.
  • Easy to install and easy to operate.
  • Stable performance, low energy consumption, corrosion resistance, low noise.
  • Dosing can be automatically controlled regularly and quantitatively.
  • Equipped with automatic alarm function to improve safety.

In the process of water supply and drainage treatment, it is usually necessary to add various chemical agents for scale inhibition, sterilization and algae killing, coagulation and flocculation, so as to achieve the purpose of water purification. These agents may be solid particles or liquids, which need to be dissolved and diluted during the dosing process, and dosed quantitatively according to a specific ratio to obtain the best effect. Therefore, the automatic dosing system has become a complete device integrating dosing, stirring, liquid delivery and automatic control.

The automatic dosing system is widely used in air-conditioning circulating cooling water, reclaimed water reuse system, wastewater system, process circulating cooling water system in steel, petrochemical, thermal power, paper making, microelectronics and other industries. It is especially suitable for accurate dosing and metering of corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and fungicides in circulating water systems. It ensures the precise dosing of water treatment chemicals in the system, thereby improving the treatment efficiency and ensuring the stable operation of the system.

automatic dosing system

How the automatic dosing system works

The automatic dosing system is composed of solution tank, agitator, metering pump, liquid level gauge, electric control cabinet, pipeline, valve, Y-type filter and other components. According to the required drug concentration, the system configures the solution in the mixing tank and mixes it thoroughly through the agitator. Then, the solution is delivered to the solution tank, and the configured medicament solution is accurately injected into the dosing point or specific system through the metering pump. The system can be personalized according to the requirements of different technological processes to realize functions such as automatic remote control.