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What are the types of shale shaker screens?

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What are the types of shale shaker screens?The shale shaker screens produced by HL Petroleum Equipment include linearshale shaker screens, elliptical Shale shaker screen, circular Shale shaker screen, laminated Shale shaker screen, double-deck Shale shaker screen, three-layer Shale shaker screen,balanced elliptical Shale shaker screen, and mud drying Shale shaker screen.

types of shale shaker screens

Drilling fluid shale shaker screen is an important first-class solids control equipment in the oil drilling mud solids control system. HL Petroleum Equipment drilling fluid shale shaker screen draws on the design experience and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, and adopts advanced excitation motors. The drilling fluid shaker trusted by customers.

The mud shale shaker screen has a wide range of applications, and can be applied to oil drilling mud solids control systems, trenchless HDD mud recovery systems, coalbed methane mining, piling mud purification, shield pipe jacking mud water separation and other fields.

The structural components of the mud drilling fluid shale shaker screen: mainly include the base, frame, screen bed, mud logging tank, excitation beam, excitation motor, control cabinet, screen box angle adjustment device, screen, fixed screen device, etc.