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HYG405 elevated diesel tank technical parameters

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HYG405 elevated diesel tank technical parameters

HYG405 elevated diesel ank is an important equipment used for storing and transporting diesel. Here are the main technical specifications of this elevated diesel tank:

1. Main Tank Capacity: 40m³ - This means the main tank of the elevated diesel tank can hold 40 cubic meters of diesel.

2. Elevated Tank Capacity: 5m³ - In addition to the main tank, the elevated diesel tank is equipped with an elevated tank with a capacity of 5 cubic meters. The presence of the elevated tank allows convenient storage of additional diesel.

3. Oil Pump Power: 7.5×2 kW - The elevated diesel tank is equipped with two oil pumps, each with a power of 7.5 kilowatts. These pumps are used to extract and transport diesel from the tank.

4. External Dimensions: 12000×2800×3000mm - The elevated diesel tank has external dimensions of 12000 millimeters in length, 2800 millimeters in width, and 3000 millimeters in height. This size enables it to adapt to different sites and space constraints during diesel storage and transportation.

HYG405 Elevated Diesel Tank

The HYG405 elevated diesel tank stands out in the petroleum industry due to its large capacity, efficient oil pumps, and adaptable external dimensions. Whether for storing a large amount of diesel or meeting diverse site requirements, this elevated diesel tank performs remarkably well and provides a reliable solution for diesel-related operations.