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Flange directly connected mud agitator

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Direct-connected mud agitator, also known as flanged agitator, is a kind of mud agitator. It is connected by flanges, and the concentricity is more stable. This type adopts the direct connection form, which not only solves the noise and vibration problems caused by oil leakage and improper installation, but also greatly saves the cost. Easy to install and easy to use.

flange connection mud agitator

Advantages of directly connected drilling fluid agitator:

1. There are no exposed transmission parts, which greatly improves the operational safety of on-site personnel;

2. No coupling is needed, subsequent maintenance is convenient and quick;

3. The dimensions of the direct-connected and coupling-type bases are exactly the same, and the tank fitting installation dimensions remain unchanged;

4. The transmission shaft distance is shortened, and the transmission efficiency is high;

5. The shaft hole is matched and installed, the concentricity is greatly improved, and the wear of the bearing oil seal of the reducer motor is reduced;

6. Normal wear and tear, without wearing parts, reducing labor intensity;

7. Compact structure, good meshing performance, reliable work;

8. The arc cylindrical worm reducer is adopted, and the shaft section is a circular cylindrical worm, and the tooth profile of the worm gear is a circle conjugated to the worm. Therefore, the convex-concave meshing performance is reliable, the benefit is high, and the structure is compact.

9. Combination of reducer and explosion-proof motor is convenient for maintenance and suitable for use under harsh working conditions in the field.

10. The stirring intensity is large, the spreading range is wide, and the starting resistance torque is reduced.

11. The motor is placed horizontally for easy installation, adjustment and replacement.

12, various gearbox and blade combinations can meet most requirements;

13. The mud agitator has high efficiency in a deep and large container;

14. It can be designed to produce suitable shear force according to the needs;

Common models of direct-connected mud agitator:

HJBF-7.5, HJBF-11, HJBF-15, HJBF-18.5, HJBF-22