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Requirements for rig mat manufacturing

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Requirements for rig mat manufacturing? Rig mats, as an essential component used to support construction and oil drilling equipment, place significant importance on their manufacturing quality and material selection. The following are the requirements for rig mat manufacturing:

Requirements for rig mat manufacturing

1. Material Selection: All steel materials must be made from standard mold steel to ensure the strength and stability of the mat surface. For embedded wooden materials, hard and water-resistant deciduous pine should be chosen. This type of wood, after precision processing into square timber, complies with the national standard GB9221-88 for the anti-corrosion treatment of railway sleeper wood. This enhances its lifespan and corrosion resistance.

2. Anti-Corrosion Treatment: The embedded wooden materials must undergo anti-corrosion treatment to protect them from moisture and decay. The treatment process should follow the requirements of the GB9221-88 standard, ensuring an oil immersion depth greater than 10mm, thereby effectively extending the wood's lifespan. Additionally, the transverse compressive strength of the embedded wood should meet a standard greater than 40kg/Cm2, guaranteeing the stability and load-bearing capacity of the mat surface.

3. Anti-Insect Treatment: In addition to anti-corrosion treatment, the embedded wooden materials also require anti-insect treatment. This is to prevent ants, termites, and other pests from damaging the wood, ensuring the integrity and stability of the rig mat.

The requirements for rig mat manufacturing include selecting high-quality steel materials and embedded wood, subjecting the wood to standard anti-corrosion treatment to ensure stability and durability of the mat surface. Moreover, anti-insect treatment is necessary to protect the embedded wood from pest infestation. Adhering to these manufacturing requirements will result in the production of high-quality and reliable rig mats, providing a solid support platform for construction and oil drilling projects.